Who i am


Who i am

Fabio was born in Castel S. Pietro Terme (Bo) on 2/1/1987, he successfully attended the scientific high school in Imola; after his studies he decided to move to San Candido where his family had always had a small holiday home.

He started working in the summer at the Papin Sport bike rental and then continued to hire ski from the same company during the winter.

Skiing has always been his passion and the dream of becoming a Ski Instructor has never died out, in 2009 he passed the entrance test for training and from 2010 to 2014 he worked for the Baranci Ski School in San Candido.

In November 2014 in San Candido two ski instructor opened a new ski school and Fabio decided to go to work with them, a smaller ski school with more exchanges of ideas and teaching techniques to try to help customers as much as possible.

In 2018 the natural evolution of the situations brought Fabio to the 3 Zinnen district, right inside the famous “tour of the peaks”.
Among his hobbies we have primarily the Paragliding with which he flies free and happy in one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.

He likes to walk and climbing that take him to the top of the Dolomites.
The bike is not his passion, he works there willingly, but lets it ride to others…
Meteorology and geography are instead a great passion; if you want to know what the weather will do tomorrow, ask him.

Fabio is always looking for new ideas, new ideas, new places to explore on skis, he will try to transmit the right technique to ski safely and in control, there will be moments of fun, but the right teaching method will always be the first objective.